What is Webgarden?

Webgarden is a tool for creating websites and eshops since 2004.
Create your website within a few minutes.

Business websites

Do you want to create and run business websites for free? We offer you all the necessary tools for website management!

Eshop for free

Do you want to run an eshop for free? We provide various user-friendly tools for creating and managing your internet business.

Personal websites

Do you want to create a website for free? Get a stylish web with Webgarden.

Publishing system

Is it a sophisticated publishing system? We offer a wide range of possibilities for editing and managing your magazine!

You can use these services with Webgarden

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Keep Your Website Up to Date! - Finally it is here. Your website is ready, a joy to behold. Now you think you can finally take a rest, but that would be a big mistake.
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