What is Webgarden?

Webgarden is a website builder and web hosting service in business since 2004.
Create your own website within minutes, no coding necessary.

Business websites

Do you want to create and run a business website for free? We offer all the necessary tools for website management!

Free eshops

Do you want to run an eshop for free? We provide various user-friendly tools for creating and managing your internet business.

Personal websites

Do you want to create a website for free? Have your own stylish website with Webgarden.

Publishing system

Do you need a sophisticated publishing system? We offer a wide range of possibilities for editing and managing your magazine!

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Create an Eshop 4: Orders - Learn about eshop orders and how to process them, make your Terms of Service accessible during checkout, and add some useful extras to your right column, such as a login panel and search field.
Create an Eshop 3: Products - Learn how to add products to your eshop, display them in multiple locations, change product and subcategory display layouts, and insert a shopping basket.
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