Autumn News on Webgarden
Editor Redesign
Webgarden's Editor was redesigned. It is visually unified and simplified, the editing space expands on bigger screens so it is much more comfortable now.
Website's preview
Until now you had to use one window for website's editor and a second one for its viewing. Now you can view your website in the editor thanks to the Preview button and then return straight to editing.
The browsing history
Thanks to your suggestions we have decided to implement a history of AJAX website browsing, both in the editor and on the client’s websites. This means that you can use the browser buttons Backwards and Forwards and you will also always see the current section's URL in the address bar of your browser.
Do you need help?
Now you can contact our technical support through the editor. You only need to open the menu in the top left corner and click “Contact support”.
Hint: If you can't see any information that you were used to, you can click on Webgarden's logo on the top left to find it.
11/07/2014 08:47:58
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