How to Block IP Addresses
Now you can block IP addresses on Webgarden, a feature many overspammed users have been waiting for. You can prevent specific IP addresses from accessing your website and make the unwanted comments stop.
In the past you had to delete each unwanted comment one by one. But if you’re getting spammed by an automated robot, it’s a hopeless battle. Now just enter the attacker’s IP address, and you have some time to worry less.
How can I block an IP address?
First, determine which IP address you would like to block. You can find someone’s IP address on their posts, for example, to the right of the post date and time.
Block IP Address 1 edited.png
Next, click on the Settings tab and select Block IP Addresses from the left column. Then enter the IP address you would like to block and press Save.
Block IP Address 2 edited.png
From the time you hit Save, people from the blocked IP address won’t be able to access your website anymore. So then you can devote your time to better things than just deleting dozens of meaningless comments.
Block IP Address 3.PNG
11/24/2014 09:36:02
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