How to Fill In Your Invoice Details
Do you need an invoice from Webgarden for your accounting? Then this article is for you.

Until recently Webgarden was issuing invoices without your billing information. :-( The invoice headers looked like the one in the picture below.
1 Invoice without purchaser with marks.png
It was an unnecessarily complicated situation. Many customers had to email us to get a completed invoice.

But now you can fill in the buyer billing details yourself. We’ll show you how.
On the page VIP Services - Orders, select an order that is closed (i.e. paid and processed) and open it.
2 Select an order that has been paid with marks.png
Then go to where it says Billing Address for This Order and select Fill In New Address.
3 Fill in address with marks.png
Complete the fields required in your country with your billing information, and then Save.
4 Complete the fields with marks.png
If you hover over the yellow edit icon and select Invoice, you will be able to review your billing information and immediately print the invoice yourself.
5 Open the invoice with marks.png
Now your invoice should look something like this.
6 Invoice no. 201510064 with purchaser and marks.png
The system will remember your billing information, so there will be no need to enter it again. Next time you can just choose the correct billing information from the list of options.
We hope that this improvement will make your work easier. Is there anything else we can do to make getting an invoice easier for you? Feel free to write us at
02/23/2015 08:32:52
Or visit this link or this one