My Own Domain: To Buy, or Not to Buy?

When creating new websites many people consider whether or not investing in their own domain is worthwhile.
What Are My Options?
So what kind of options does someone who wants to create their own website really have? As a website owner, you can build your website on a shared domain or on your own domain. In most cases, if you have your own domain, your website will have an address such as, and if you choose to use a shared domain it will be something like So if you have your website on the shared domain at Webgarden the web address will be something like
The main advantage of using a shared domain is that it is completely free.
Some of the numerous advantages of using your own domain are:
  • People will take your website more seriously
  • Your website will rank higher in search results
  • Shorter urls look better in marketing materials and are easier to remember
Although the market may offer a lineup of comfortable alternatives, buying your own domain remains the best option.
Choose the Right Name
Make It Easy for Your Visitors
In order to make your domain easy to remember, it’s good to use a short and catchy name. Avoid using unusual or foreign words in your domain name - people often mistype these types of names.
With or Without Hyphens?
If you want a domain name consisting of multiple words, you are sure to think about whether or not you should hyphenate them. Both variants have their advantages - while a hyphenated domain name will be easier to read, unhyphenated domain names are more convenient for users when they want to enter the name into their browsers. It’s up to you to choose which option is better for your website.
Did you know that…

… The second largest TLD by zone size is .tk from Tokelau, a territory with just over 1,400 inhabitants?

Verisign, The Domain Name Industry Brief 11, no. 1 (April 2014): 2,

Don’t Wait
If you are seriously thinking about registering your own domain, don’t delay. Sooner or later you’ll decide to register, and the sooner you do it the better.
Names Are Moving Fast
More and more domain names become unavailable with each passing day. You won’t be able to have just any domain you want; the truth is that the best ones have long been occupied. See for yourself by typing a domain into your browser such as,, or These are so-called premium domains, as they consist of only a single keyword. So if your dream domain name has already been taken, you could possibly change the name of your company or perhaps add your name before the desired keyword as in, for example.
Domain Changes Impact Your Website Traffic
If you get your own domain already in the earliest stages you will save yourself a lot of trouble. Once your website has been running for a while, domain changes reduce the number of visitors. This is especially true for websites whose visitors reach them via search engine. In order for a search engine to list your site, it has to first index it. Although the transfer to the new domain takes no more than several hours and your website stays in the same place, your url changes, and therefore the search engines have to reindex your website. Plus, sadly, when your website is indexed again you will have lost your page rank and will have to start over. Consequently, it really pays to make the transition to your own domain as soon as possible, so that later on nothing will stand in the way of visitors getting to your website.
How Can I Register? keeps customer satisfaction in mind, therefore transferring your website to a new domain is incredibly simple. You can register your new domain in the VIP Eshop.
To get to the VIP Eshop, while in administration, click on the gray tab in the upper left-hand corner of your screen labeled either Website, Menu, or My Account (depending on which page you are on). Then click on the bright yellow link Premium Plans without Adds + Custom Domains.
01 Locate the VIP eshop with marks.png
Once you've reached the VIP Eshop, scroll down the page to find where it says Register Your Own Domain Name. This is where you can check the availability of domain names and then register.
02 Check availability with marks.png
Did you know that…

...Domain names can contain a maximum of 63 characters?

One clever person registered this pi domain name. The “3” at the beginning is a subdomain. 3.14159265358979323846264

06/09/2015 02:34:50
Or visit this link or this one