Practical Tips on How to Use QR Codes on Your Website
One of Webgarden’s newest features is the ability to embed QR codes onto websites. In this article we would like to introduce you to the basic principles and show you some practical examples of how QR codes can be useful.
Click on a green + and then choose the More Options tab to add a QR code to your website.
Click on a green + and then choose the More Options tab to add a QR code to your website.
There are a few things that you should be aware of from the very beginning:

1) QR codes are associated with the mobile devices we use to scan them. The content hidden in the code is almost always viewed with a mobile device.

2) For long URL addresses we recommend using a URL shortener such as or If too much information is contained in the QR code, the numerous black and white squares will need to be quite small, making it difficult for devices to scan.

3) Every code should contain a call-to-action line or information about what the code is for. You could write something like Call us, Save our number, Visit our mobile site, Pay by phone, etc.
Practical Examples
So how can we use QR codes on our websites? When is it useful to link to other pages?
Make it easy for visitors to connect to the mobile version of your website. Instead of having to type an address, visitors can simply scan a QR code to display the mobile version on their smartphone or tablet.
Use QR codes to make it easier for people to download mobile applications. The QR code will contain a link to the application in a shop like Google Market or App Store.
Give your customers the option to make QR payments.
QR codes can also include GPS coordinates. Show visitors a map which allows them to get directions to their destination, for example.
QR Codes 2.PNG
Create QR code business cards that allow customers to easily save your contact details or call you directly.
QR Codes 3.PNG
Are you preparing an interesting event no one will want to miss? Make it possible for them to add the event to their calendar with just one click.
These examples are just a few of the many ways you can use QR codes on your website. In Webgarden administration you can find even more options, supporting data such as email, SMS, and WiFi. We hope that now you have some ideas how you can use QR codes on your website. We would love to hear from you about your QR code use.
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