Formatting Categories
Webgarden offers various methods of document formatting. The first option is Sorting. Sorting can be done alphabetically, by date, or from newest to oldest and vice versa. The second option is Pagination. This affects the number of documents visible on one page. You can choose one of the pagination values or turn the pagination off. The third option is Column Layout. Here you can determine whether or not the documents should be divided into columns and specify the number of columns. The last option is Content Display which includes options such as Not Displayed, List, Tiles, Mouse Over, Rows on Mouse Over, and Tab Options. The option Not Displayed makes documents invisible, but they can easily be made visible again. The List option shows only the names of documents. Tiles shows the names and content previews as well. Mouse Over shows document names and content previews when under the cursor. Rows on Mouse Over is similar to the previous, but the names are not aligned in columns. It is a good idea to combine Content Display with Column Layout. Although the changes are shown immediately in administration, you have to Save the changes to make them visible on the Website.
12/16/2014 08:00:28
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