Newsletters are a handy tool for keeping in touch with your users. You can manage multiple newsletters at a time, create new issues for each one, and then let Webgarden send them.
Newsletter Promotion
You can insert a Newsletter Sign In tool into any category or document. This way, visitors will be able to subscribe to your newsletters.
New issues can be created under the Newsletter tab using the button Add New Issue. The Edit button enables you to edit the newsletter's content. Content can be created in the same way as the content of categories or documents. After completion you can Send a Test to your email. When the issue is ready you can distribute it using the Send button. Each issue can be sent only once. Please be careful not to annoy your recipients.
Newsletter Tab
Under the Newsletter tab you can create new newsletters. You can manage many various newsletters, for example, News, Sales, Dealer’s Newsletters, etc. The 
Newsletter in and of itself does not contain any content and can not be sent. You can only enter the recipients into the Newsletter. What is being distributed are particular issues.
12/16/2014 09:30:53
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