How can I get rid of the advertisements?
Income from advertising enables us to provide you services free of charge. If you would prefer a website without ads, try one of our premium website plans. Each of the three plans allows a specific number of visitors to view the website without any ads being shown. Remember to choose the plan that's best for you according to the number of visitors you expect to have. You can find more information about our premium plans in VIP Services.
How can I buy my own domain?
In VIP Services, scroll down to where it says Register Your Own Domain Name, and type in the domain name you would like (without www. or the domain extension). Then click on Check Availability. The system will search for available domains. Under the domain with the preferred extension, open the drop down menu and carefully select the website to receive premium services. You can also adjust the number of months of service you would like. Then just add it to your cart.
Do the prices in the VIP eshop include all taxes and other fees?
Yes, the prices shown are final with all taxes and fees included.
My domain is registered under Webgarden. Is it possible to change it so it will be registered under my name?
For quick and easy purchasing, all domains are initially registered under the company R2B2 s.r.o. However, at your request, we are happy to change the registration so that the domain will be registered under your name, at no additional cost.

Please write us an email including your full name, address, phone number, and a valid email address (this should be the email address you used when registering for your account at Webgarden). If the domain will be registered under a company please include your Business Identification Number(s).
Why don't search engines show my website in their search results?
Search engines are autonomous and choose what pages are shown in their results. They evaluate websites using crawlers (small "robots" that read websites and choose the most relevant out of thousands of pages).

Here are some quick tips which will help you optimize your website so it will land as close to the top as possible.

First of all, always keep your website active and up to date. High quality and well maintained websites do better in page rank.

Next, focus on keywords. Brainstorm and identify relevant keywords and keyphrases from all sections, categories, documents, headers, descriptions, tags, and even your domain name. These meta keywords can be inserted in the individual category and document settings. Just go to the category or document, hover over the yellow edit icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and select Settings. When entering the words and phrases, separate them with commas; this text is shown to browsers.

Finally, register your website with the search engines you would like it to appear in. You can do this through the search engine's website. If you would like to register with Google, for example, go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url.

What do these statistics mean?
You will find three terms in Basic Statistics: unique visitors, visits, and hits. Each unique visitor can make several visits to your website. During each visit a visitor can make several hits.

In general terms, we can say that the number of hits is the number of clicks in the website. A unique visitor is counted each time someone new visits the website. If a visitor visits the website again the same day, then this too is counted as a visit. The system tries to eliminate visits from robots and computerized statistics. The exact parameters for the measurements can change or otherwise be refined as a result of updates in technology.
How can I select a different homepage?
You can set any category, document, or panel as your homepage. To do so, while on the desired page in edit mode, hover over the yellow edit icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select Set as Homepage.
I don't see any homepage when I visit the website, why?
Sometimes none of the categories are set as the homepage. As a result, Webgarden doesn't know which page to show visitors. This can easily be fixed by setting a homepage. Please see the question above, "How can I select a different homepage?."
How can I upload multiple pictures at once?
Compress the picture files into a .zip folder. Then in administration, go to the place where you would like to add the pictures and click on the green + icon to add an item. In the dialog box that appears, choose the tab at the top called Upload Files. Here you can browse to find the files you would like to upload. Then save. The files will open and the pictures or documents will be automatically added to the designated category.

To avoid long waits and possibly exceeding your upload limit, we recommend reducing the size of the photographs before uploading them.
I've exceeded my upload limit.
With Webgarden's free service you can only upload small files to the server. If you would like to upload larger files, please visit VIP Services and select a premium plan for your website.
Why is editing my website slow when other sites work fast?
Comfortable editing requires the use of a modern Internet browser. For the best results, we recommend the newest versions of Opera or Google Chrome. You can easily download either one online. They are free, user friendly, and useful for all Internet browsing.
I’ve deleted some categories, but there still isn’t any free space on my website. How can this be?
Whenever you delete categories, documents, or panels, they are first moved to the trash. While in the trash, they are still taking up space on your website. If you empty the trash, then the content will be gone, and you will not be able to get it back. After emptying the trash more space will be available. You can do this by clicking on Other in the left column, selecting Trash, and then hovering over the yellow edit icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen where you can select Empty Trash.
How can I insert HTML code?
You can insert HTML code in Paragraph Text elements. However, this is a more advanced feature. In extreme cases it is possible to insert “defective” code that could even hack a third party’s website. We recommend that you use this function cautiously and wisely.
How can I transfer a website to another user account?
The Terms of Use allows you to transfer your website to another user. First, while logged in as the original administrator, under the Settings tab select Users - Registration and create a new user for your website, which will be the new administrator. After you do this, under the Settings tab in Access Rights, edit the usergroup for administrators, adding the new administrator's username to the list. This gives the new administrator full access to the website. Then, log out of your account, log in as the new administrator, and using similar steps remove the original administrator from the list.
I have my own domain. Why are there still ads on my website?
Domain Name Registration only includes the use of a particular domain name; it doesn't include a premium plan. You can upgrade to one of our premium plans in VIP Services.
How can I buy a premium plan?
Go to VIP Services and add a suitable premium plan for your website and/or mailbox to the shopping cart.
Once I've paid for a premium plan, how long will it take before the service is activated?
If you pay using a credit card or PayPal, your payment can usually be processed within minutes.
Is it possible to buy a domain elsewhere and redirect it to Webgarden?
Yes, this is usually possible. However, we do not provide support for such domains, and the user must take care of the domain settings on their own. In some cases, redirection is not possible due to technical reasons, making it necessary to re-register the domain with another registrar.
My domain doesn't work.
You've probably bought the domain from another registrar. We cannot control the settings for such domains. Please check the DNS settings of your registrar under the Settings tab, by clicking on Domain Name in the left column.
Why is there an advertisement above the content?
Income from advertising enables us to provide you services free of charge. If the advertisements are not effective on a particular website (which is usually because the advertisement visibility has been dramatically reduced by the user), the system will automatically find a better position for the ads (for example, above the content).
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