Explore Articles, Products, and Other Useful Documents

In this tutorial you will learn about galleries, articles, blank documents, discussions, and products and how you can add, name, move, and delete them.
Document Basics
Documents are a great way to add things like goods and services, articles, recipes, photo albums, and interactive discussions to your website. You can easily rearrange, sort, or customize them at your leisure.
On Webgarden you can add documents to any section, category, or static block, below the main content. Any document can include an area for comments at the bottom.
1. Add a Document
To add a document hover over the green plus icon in the upper right-hand corner of any category or static block and select the type of document you want.
01 Add a document edited with marks.png
Once you make your selection you will find yourself in the new document.
2. Name It
To rename the document, hover over the default document name and click on the yellow edit icon. A dialog box appears where you can rename the document and save.
02 Rename the document edited with marks.png
3. Move a Document
Documents can easily be moved within the same category or to another category or static block.
Moving documents within the same category is simple. Just drag and drop.
If you want to move a document to another category or static block use LOCATION.
First go to the document you want to move, hover over the yellow edit icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and select LOCATION.
03 Location edited with marks.png
At the top of the location screen is a list of all the places where the document can be found (under CURRENT LOCATION, here the location is underlined in red). Just below that is a version of your website content tree in the main content block. Find the category or block you want to move the document to. Then click on the MOVE or ADD TO button next to that category. If you choose ADD TO the document will be in both the old and new locations.
04 Move or add a document edited with marks.png
In this example the document’s CURRENT LOCATION is in the section TEA & MATE, in a category known as both THE WORLD OF TEA and BLOG. This category has 2 names because it was given both a NAME and an ALTERNATIVE SHORT NAME.
4. Delete
Delete a document using the red trash icon in the upper right-hand corner.
05 Delete from within document edited with marks.png
Or a document can be deleted from its category as you would delete any other content element.
06 Delete from category edited with marks.png
Whenever you delete a document, it just moves to the TRASH folder located in the content tree on the left. This means you can still get it back later. You only lose the material in the trash when you EMPTY TRASH.
Galleries, Articles, and Blank Documents
These are three separate document options, but they are really almost the same. GALLERIES and ARTICLES are just BLANK DOCUMENTS with preset layouts.
This means that theoretically GALLERY and ARTICLE wouldn’t need to be listed in the menu at all, because you can create either one exactly as you please from a BLANK DOCUMENT. The preset layouts just make it easier for beginners to get started.
1. Galleries
Have some pictures you’d like to show visitors? Use a GALLERY to help you get started. Click on the prefilled elements to add images in the easiest possible way.
07 Gallery edited with marks.png
Once you’ve used up the 4 image elements available, just use the green plus icon to continue to add images, text, or whatever else you’d like. If you don’t need all 4 image elements, you can delete any extras.
2. Articles
Do you have blog or other informative website? Easily start adding content using ARTICLES. The article preset comes prefilled with elements for text and an image, so you can get going quickly. It’s simple to delete or move (drag and drop) any element in the layout that doesn’t suit your article.
08 Article edited with marks.png
Add more elements using the green plus icon.
3. Blank Documents
Use BLANK DOCUMENTS to create articles, recipes, photo albums, portfolios, and more. Add elements yourself, any way you’d like, to these basic documents.
There is a place for visitor comments at the bottom. If you don’t want visitor comments, delete the comment section using the red trash icon.
09 Blank document edited with marks.png
DISCUSSIONS have a lot in common with blank documents. At the top you can add whatever content you’d like to discuss, and then below there is an area for discussion. The two main differences are that the area for discussion cannot be deleted and that recent comments from the discussion are visible in the main category.
10 Discussion edited with marks.png
PRODUCTS are a must for eshops. Use them to display any goods or services you are selling (or donating). They are much different than the other types of documents. It is essential that you use a product if you would like any of the eshop features to work correctly.
Once you’ve added a product, fill in as many of the fields as possible. Don’t forget to save what you’ve entered in the top two sections. There are two separate SAVE buttons.
11 Product edited with marks.png
There is a place below the product information where you can add your own content, and at the very bottom you can click to add a comments section if desired.
Congratulations! Now you know how to use documents on Webgarden.
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