Custom Domains

How can I buy a custom domain name?
Domains can be bought in VIP Services. The domain consists of a domain name and a domain extension. While searching for available domain names you can try multiple extensions as well.

Domains are usually ordered for a minimum of one year. It is necessary to prolong the domain for further use. Otherwise, it will become available to other applicants.

It is important to understand that a domain name is not a premium plan and that it does not include any services in addition to the domain name.

Each domain name is linked to a particular user account, and it can be used for any website linked to the same account.
Is it possible to buy a domain elsewhere and redirect it to Webgarden?
Yes, technically, this usually is possible. However, we do not provide support for such domains, and the user must take care of the domain settings on their own. In some cases, redirection is not possible for technical reasons, making it necessary to re-register the domain with another registrar.
12/16/2014 04:40:05
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