List of features available on
Website Plans Free Silver Gold Platinum
For commercial use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price per month* Free, financed by ads $2.26 $3.90 $16.20
Ad-free visits per month 0 400 1000 5000
Data space 100MB 200MB 500MB 2000MB
Upload limits 16MB 32MB 64MB 256MB
Content Display Options
Number of items per menu Unlimited
Number of menus Unlimited
Number of menu levels Unlimited
Menu display options Vertical, Horizontal, Tabs, Links, Expandable
Types of content Sections, Categories, Documents, Items
Types of documents Products, Articles, Galleries, Discussions, General documents
Pages Yes
Number of pages Off, 1 – 39
Sorting Yes
Types of sorting Manual, Alphabetical, Date modified, Date created
Reverse order sorting Yes
Display sorted items as list Yes
Display sorted items as tiles Yes
Number of tiles per line 1 – 8
Distinction between detail and description Yes
Multiple-document storage Yes
Drag & Drop Yes
Publish at a certain time Yes
Hide at a certain time Yes
Private content Yes
Trash for sections and documents Yes
Custom icons for each section Yes
Alternative names for sections and documents Yes
Variable distribution of website Left and right columns, header, and footer are all optional
Columns Yes
Number of design templates available More than 200
Design editing Yes
CSS editing Yes
Types of preset element highlighting 4
Alignment options Yes
Items on Page
Sizes of titles Small, Medium, Large
Click through titles Yes
Click through a new window Yes
Formatted text Yes
Links Yes
Download files Yes
Images Yes
Tools for editing images Scale, Rotate, Mirror
Click through images Yes
Image display styles Preview, Full resolution, Original size
Videos Yes
Youtube videos Yes
Google videos Yes
Forms on the website Yes
Number of items on the form Unlimited
Send form results to email Yes
Website allows flash Yes
Polls Yes
Number of options in the poll Unlimited
Calendars Yes
Login window Yes
User registration Yes
Subscribe to newsletter Yes
RSS channel Yes
RSS reader Yes
Text statistics on the website Yes
Graphic statistics on the website Yes
Webgarden search Yes
Google search Yes
Google maps Yes
Google translator Yes
Shopping cart Yes
List of newest products Yes
List of discounted products Yes
List of latest posts Yes
Lists of latest documents Yes
Google+ share button Yes
Google+ badge Yes
Google+ +1 Yes
Facebook comments Yes
Facebook like Yes
Facebook message Yes
Facebook subscription Yes
Facebook activity Yes
Facebook LikeBox Yes
Twitter share a link Yes
Twitter follow Yes
Twitter hashtag Yes
Twitter mention Yes
Multiupload Yes
Upload .zip archives Yes, Content is distributed to individual items
Statistics Yes
Statistics on visits Yes
Statistics on views Yes
Statistics on crawlers Yes
Statistics on operating systems Yes
Statistics on length of visits Yes
Statistics on browsers Yes
Connection to Google Analytics Yes
Products Yes
Stock evidence Yes
Order evidence Yes
Send orders to email Yes
More currencies Yes
Payment methods PayPal, Debit card
Delivery methods Unlimited
Discounted products Yes
Discount coupons Yes
Types of discount coupons Percentual, Fixed
Setup of minimum purchase for discount coupons Yes
Setup of groups for discount coupons Yes
Number of coupons generated Unlimited
Custom coupon code Yes
Print coupons Yes
Download coupons Yes
Coupon use evidence Yes
Coupon distribution evidence Yes
Dealer's groups of customers Yes
Options for group discount setup Yes
Export files for aggregators Yes
Setup of price format Yes
Setup for code separators Yes
Product availability Yes
Various sales tax levels Yes
Producers Yes
Quantity of units Yes
Shopping without registration Yes
Variations on products Yes
Formatting options for products Images, Texts, Videos, Polls, Files, Discussion, etc.
Product highlighting Yes
Newsletters Yes
More types of newsletters Unlimited
More issues of a newsletter Unlimited
Newsletter editor Yes
Mailing list Yes
Per week 200 1000 2000 10000
Website name Yes
Custom website icons Yes
Website language options Yes
Date format options Yes
Time zone options Yes
Optional www. Yes
AJAX browsing Yes
Turn off AJAX Yes
Option of default state Private/Public Yes
User’s contact information management Yes
Custom meta tags Yes
Url Aliases Yes
Website holder changes Yes
Optional custom domain Yes
Price of .com domain per month including setup and management $2.87
Shared domain for free Yes
Selection of shared domains e.g.,,,, and others
Other websites on custom subdomains Yes
Number of websites allowed on account Unlimited
Access Rights
Publishing system support Yes
Number of user groups Unlimited
Number of authorization levels 7
Private/ Public content Yes
Authorizations with limitations Yes
User in multiple groups Yes
Special rules for all content Yes
Limited access to administration Yes
Discussion between Administrators Yes
Option to quote in response Yes
Discussion without registration Yes
Option to insert emoticons Yes
Pages in posts Yes
Option to remove posts in administration Yes
Automatic generation of Keywords Yes
Automatic generation of Description Yes
Option to enter Keywords manually Yes
Option to enter Description manually Yes
Enter Title and Alt Yes
Title and list structuring Yes
NonAJAX links for browsers Yes
Verification for Google Webmaster Tools Yes
Mobile editing Yes
Recommended browsers Updated versions of Chrome, Opera, or Firefox
Mailboxes Free Silver Gold Platinum
Price per month* Free, financed by ads $1.03 $1.85 $3.90
Mailbox capacity 10MB 20MB 50MB 100MB
Archive 30 days 90 days 180 days 360 days
POP3 support No No Yes Yes
Number of mailboxes allowed on account Unlimited
Custom folders for email organization Yes
Tags for email organization Yes
Webmail in administration Yes
Aliases Yes
Access to mailbox through more accounts Yes
Block addresses Yes
Change mailbox holder Yes
Contact list Yes
* All taxes and fees included
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