Chat with Visitors Using Smartsupp

Create an even better user experience on your website using online chat and visitor recording from Smartsupp. The basic version is free. In this article you’ll learn how to add Smartsupp live chat to your website, plus something about their setting options.
Create an Account on Smartsupp and Connect It to Your Webgarden Website
Open a Smartsupp user account at The flag dropdown in the upper right-hand corner allows you to choose your language. Then click on the big blue button.
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Enter your EMAIL address and PASSWORD. Then SIGN UP.
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Smartsupp welcomes you. CONTINUE.
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Use Ctrl+C to copy the widget code.
04 Widget code with marks.png
In another browser window, open Webgarden administration and go to your website’s SETTINGS tab. Scroll down to the section called CHAT WITH VISITORS - SMARTSUPP.COM, and paste the WIDGET CODE in the space provided. SAVE.
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Now, in the lower right-hand corner of your website you will see a place where visitors can click to open a chat box, making it easy for them to communicate with you whenever you’re online.
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You can add Smartsupp to all of your websites using the same widget code. The widget code is included in the introductory email you’ll get, so you can add more websites any time.
A Bit about Smartsupp’s Setting Options
Access the Smartsupp dashboard, where you can interact with visitors and adjust your chat settings, at
In the upper right-hand corner, use the dropdown to switch between ONLINE, AWAY, and OFFLINE depending on what your availability is at the moment.
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The section VISITORS includes an overview of who is on your website now. When you click on a visitor, you can see more information about them and can start a conversation.
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Smartsupp can automatically show every first time visitor a message welcoming them and offering help 60 seconds after their arrival. If you would like to activate this feature or a variation thereof, you can do so through the Smartsupp dashboard by clicking on ADMINISTRATION / AUTO-MESSAGES, located in the left column.
09 Message for first timers with marks.png
The biggest advantage of live chat is that you can immediately answer website visitors’ and potential customers’ questions. If you decide to use Smartsupp, it’s good to be online and available to your customers as much as possible. If you’re not available to reply, be sure to switch the mode to offline so your customers won’t be disappointed when they don’t get an immediate response.
However, even while in offline mode customers can still use the chat box to contact you via email. Enter the email address where you would like to receive messages while in offline mode under ADMINISTRATION / OFFLINE MESSAGES.
10 Offline messages edited with marks.png
In the section SETTINGS / CHAT BOX under the GENERAL tab, it’s possible to select settings such as whether you’d like the chat box to appear on the right side or the left side of your website, or if you would like visitors to be able to rate their satisfaction with your chat customer service. Hover over the small question marks to the right of each feature to find more detailed information.
11 Chat box general settings edited with marks.png
Use the tabs CHAT BOX, ONLINE, and OFFLINE to edit the texts that are displayed in various scenarios, upload images, and more. Under the tab COLORS you can choose the colors for the chat box.
12 Chat box chat box settings edited with marks.png
Further down, in the section SETTINGS / PERSONAL, is where you enter your personal data, add a profile photo, etc. Under NOTIFICATIONS, select the sounds that will be used to notify you of incoming messages. SHORTCUTS allows you to create abbreviations for various sentences you use repeatedly (for example, a greeting) so that you can add them faster during your communication with visitors.
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