How to Add a Customized Image as Your Header

Add a logo or other customized image to your website header for a more professional look. Here are detailed instructions showing you how.
1 Final result.png
Start by creating a suitable header image using an graphic editor. Make sure the image is large enough. It’s important to get the size right because if the image is too small and Webgarden automatically enlarges the image, it will affect the focus.
If your image contains only basic shapes and text, you can save it in .png format. If it contains a photograph or other intricately colored design, it’s better to save it in .jpg format.
Note: The .png format allows you to save a transparent background. This is useful if you want to place something like your logo directly onto the website background.
Your final image could look something like this.
Now that your image is ready, go to your Header in Webgarden administration, and delete the element containing the website title.
2 Delete website title with marks blurred.png
In its place, click on the green + icon and select Image.
3 Select image element with marks blurred.png
Browse to select the image you would like to insert. Then click on the Advanced tab at the top of the dialog box. For this example, change the Alignment to Center and the Display Style to Original Size. Save.
4 Adjust advanced image settings with marks blurred.png
When the image first appears in the editor, it may not extend across the entire screen. If it doesn’t, use the grey arrow icon to drag the border the whole way across the screen.
5 Expand the image element with marks blurred.png
Now your website has a customized header that will be memorable for your visitors.
You should also add a link to your header image which will enable visitors to click through to your homepage.
Click on the header image in administration to reopen the image dialog box. Then select the Advanced tab where you can insert your homepage URL or just / in the field called Link. Save.
6 Make the image click through to home with marks blurred.png

The header is always visible, no matter where visitors click on your website. So if it is too large, it’s inconvenient for your visitors who need to scroll down more to see all the unique content on each page. One possible solution is to place any large images on the homepage instead of in the header.

It’s also possible to choose a variant that is something in between. You can put a smaller logo in one of the static blocks and have a larger image on the homepage.
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