Webgarden offers 4 preset patterns you can use to highlight important elements on your website. Learn how to change any of these patterns by editing the CSS code.
The basic structure of Webgarden’s HTML elements is consistent across design templates, making it easy for you to edit the CSS.
Give your website a completely new look and feel by using an image as the background.
Webgarden offers 4 preset highlighting options which vary by design template and can even affect typography, but the number of custom highlighting options you can create yourself is infinite.
Have some content you'd like to make available to some users but not all? Learn how to set access rights for users of all kinds.
If you want visitors to swarm to your website, first you have to do something.
Learn how to make it easier for search engines to assess your website and how to satisfy your visitors at the same time.
Do you need an invoice from Webgarden for your accounting? Then this article is for you.
Let us introduce you to the basic principles and show you how QR codes can be useful.
Learn what sections and categories are and how to create, rename, move, and delete them.
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